The War Within

The Infusion Lab

“I don’t remember leaving the braziers burning…” thought Baltos, noticing the flickering light coming from under the door to the infusion room. He had returned to the lab to gather some notes regarding tomorrow’s trials with the experimental mechanical dog he’d been working on the past few weeks.

Baltos’ main area of research was the process of ‘infusion’, or transferring the skills and knowledge of one living creature to an animated construct, namely the warforged refugees of The Last War. As a civil service, Merrix d’Cannith, head of House Cannith, had initiated a process to give purpose to the warforged who were now left without the war they were created for. Merrix envisioned a world of warforged laborers, farmers and craftsmen. Useful citizens whose worth was made real and quick by ‘infusing’ them with the knowledge they needed to productive members of the new world. Baltos was overjoyed to be working on such a noble project, for once not crafting new weapons or methods of suffering.

Slowly and quietly, Baltos approached the door. He could hear voices belonging to at least 3 people, mixed with sounded like the random crackle of electricity. “…infusion process is almost complete…magnificent specimen….herald new age of weaponry…”

As an artificer in the employ of House Cannith, Baltos was no warrior, but he was not without some battle skills. Readying his customized crossbow, he slowly opened the door.

Inside were two dwarf warriors dressed in similar battledress, a symbol of a black snake eating itself adorning their armor, standing near the infuser. They appeared to be in extreme pain but somehow…were they grinning? Standing to the side of them was Anthalar, the Cannith Magewright who was operationally in charge of the lab. Near one wall of the room, standing within in a glowing circle on the floor, was a warforged, obviously in pain. Random, furious arcs of magical electricity were lashing out between the infuser, the dwarves and the warforged.

“Baltos! You’ve chosen a poor night to work late, my friend…but you’re just in time to see the fruits of your work realized!” sneered Anthalar as he opened a small, book-sized hidden panel in the wall nearby and pressed something.

The dwarves attacked! Baltos defended himself from the evil paladins and Anthalar long enough to destroy the infuser and halt the infusion process which appeared to be killing the warforged.Seizing the opportunity, the warforged joined the battle and together with Baltos was able to defeat Anthalar and his mysterious companions.

Baltos searched Anthalar’s corpse for some clue as to what was happening and discovered a note from Merrix that seemed to indicate this warforged, referred to as AZM 9, was to be infused with the power and knowledge of the two now-slain dwarf paladins as part of an effort to create “living bombs” that could infiltrate an enemies defenses and detonate in locations of extreme importance.

Baltos and AZM 9 fled the lab, only to encounter a security system of sorts in the form of a gas trap. Unable to completely disarm it, they did learn how it worked and constructed a bridge made of the corpses of Anthalar and the dwarves to avoid setting off the trap.

But they were not clear of the lab yet. Anthalar’s guards were waiting for Baltos and AZM 9 and released 2 horrible dog-creatures with frightening, exposed skulls. A battle ensued in the hallway leading to the exit and eventually, our heroes fled into the twisting alleyways of Sharn.


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